Poem #3: it was as you though it would be?

What you saw in me?
I’m not sure about it
I think you find crazy atractive

You liked me since I can remember
I was unmedicated when I took you for grated

We chat on Facebook before my birthday
I asked your phone number a couple of days later

I was still smoking tree
I was then a horny bee

You were know as a hoe
I knew that then, which made it so much easier to call

With my last grain of insight I called you in 15’ at night.
I joked about us doing it as it was my job
You hoped I was just busting your “balls”

We drank “țuică” and smoke grass in 2015 summer night

I picked the movie
50 shades of Grey
I’m still embarrassed to this day

You laugh in the beginning
You check my heart rate
Before we did it

I remember what you said right in the moment
As I took your clothes off
And put on a condom

You thought I was rushing into things
I picked up on that and gave your body my everything

We did it all that night
But you didn’t want to stop there
You wanted us to be toghter
Luckly 3 months later I was receiving a involuntary hospitalization

I saw you nowdays
your boyfriend is a convict
Your brother to
Youre a drop out
But still have a wicked body

I don’t regret that I ■■■■■■ you


I’ve written quite a few love poems

but never quite this explicit

still, I like how you captured it.

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Thank you. I’ve written two more before. Same theme. I invited you to the topic. Did you had a change to read them?

I’m not sure what you mean

I don’t think I got anything

This one is my first

This one is my seconed

Check them out if you have a chance

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there’s a subtle sadness to these

I like, We shook hands, and You shook my mind

that’s great

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Are you writing these from actual experiences?


#Erotic poems by @anon92220549 :smile:


So much creativity this morning :+1:. Thanks for sharing!


lol funny spellign mistake.
When I took you for grated

Yes. I found that that’s the best way for me.
They feels like pieces of me. I should practice more


Your writing seems very real. That’s how I write, too. From experience.


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