Poem #5: Do you know you were my first?

Seventeen years old
Horny, mad and bored

Like all my adventures, it was summer
Like all my summers I was dummer
Like all my teen years my mind was on a ledge
Like all my heros I was filled with rage

50 bucks from my offspring pension
2 packs of Winston 100’s

My rusty bike with a broken driveshaft

I made my mind and work a treadle
15 miles of Winding road
To the hooker who deflowers young boys.

I spend many hours wondering around cause it was day
These prostitutes work at night, fewer curios eyes.

I searched the zone and saw the pimp
He told me where to find the “shrimp”

This women was wondering around
She was in her forty and had a big damn ass

She “teached” me to always use protection
She lied to me that I have a big package
I lied to her that I done it Manny times

I give my best to make her scream
Shes quiet and worried
We move our bodies like it was one
We hit the door of the toilet dump

Sweaty drops found they’re way inside each other
Even our sweat was ■■■■■■■ like no other

She arch her back and crack a smile
Turning her head around
I saw she liked it in her eyes
I thought she was cool

She watch me cum with big eyes
I came watching her green eyes.

She took her clothes and she was gone
I was truly miserable for the first time.


@Daze and who else write poetry. What do you guys think?
This one is my least favorite… Lots of bad memories from then

It’s explicit not bad tho.

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I like being explicit. I get some relief that way.
Edited: I deleted the surplus (the to explicit three lines)

Yeah a little on the explicit side. It’s good that you’re writing though. I know how much it helps me to get things out. Keep it up!

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