Pms and the herbs

So i got sick and tired of pms and decided to visit the heeb store. Thank god i did. Bye bye pms no more dealing with you anymore when you come i send you back packing. Thank god for mother natures gifts. Ugh was so sick of pms s**t. Now back to being happy me and everything else that comes with my beautiful intelligent self.

I haven’t had a period in 10 months. Side effect of shot I was on.

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What herbs did you get?

I just got my period back after changing meds, I don’t get emotional/mental pms symptoms but I get physiological symtoms.

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Chasteberry and a whole slew of other stuff man i feel great. Still paranoid just not so effing moody and emotional on top of it. It makes a world of a difference when dealing with life etc.


Cool! I’m really glad you’ve found things that are helping you.

I used to get pms in my 20’s it was horrific.

Best of luck this new regime does the trick xoxo

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Oh wow… it wasnt until the second post i realized this was about p m s not private messages… i was like what kinda herb blocks pms… lol fail…


I don’t actually take any medicine during my period, I just get some sleep whenever dysmenorrhea attacks.

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Im so happy i found these herbs its a life changer prasing and praying is what got me back here. I thank god for this. Im truly thankful and beyond blessed.

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