Pls enlighten more

Hello, I haven’t been on this forum these days because I was so offended when my post got locked. At first I waited thinking someone’s gonna explain why seeing that I’m a fairly new person on here. Then I realized I wasn’t getting any explanation. That was offensive and weird to me. Pls if you’re gonna lock my post let me know why. I’m not an expert on this kind of stuff… with all due respect to all persons reading this post.

The rules and guidelines can be found here

In general, we do not leave comments about closed threads, because that tends to make people angry and look like we are abusing our mod powers to get the last word in a fight.

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But after reviewing your posting history, this is why your post was closed

We don’t allow religious discussions on this site. This for a couple of reasons. First, it tends to cause arguments, because for some reason people can’t seem to just respect each other’s different religious beliefs. Second, many folks suffer from religious delusions. It is one of the top three topics of delusion, alongside aliens and government conspiracies. We don’t allow discussions on those topics, either. Third, there are many members here who were subjected to exorcisms by family members who, sadly, did not understand their illness. Those memories can be very traumatic for those individuals, and they don’t need to be reminded of them.

I hope you can understand, and help keep this a safe place for everyone. Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Volunteer Moderator,


Thanks for that, now I know better (maybe) @ninjastar

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no problem. Hope you feel better about staying here.

Yes I do, thanks!

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Also, please rest assured that absolutely nobody on staff holds grudges. We know how easy it is to accidentally break a rule, or even to break a rule on purpose and then regret it later. We are a forum for schizophrenia, we obviously don’t expect that our members will act perfectly at all times. We also have some weird rules here specifically to better serve our subset of the population. There are things that would be acceptable anywhere else on the internet that get shut down here. We don’t expect anyone, especially new members, to have all those things perfectly memorized.

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