Please take a moment to review the Forum Guidelines

Folks, we’re seeing an increase in forum members requesting other members contact them outside this forum.

Please take a moment to review the Forum Guidelines.


Is this about Auturo’s thread about discord?

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In just the past day, we’ve had several threads or posts from different members wanting contact outside the forum (e.g., email, Skype, etc.).

What if I say it in a joking manner like “attention only the attractive ladies send me your pics at and money at some paypal account(I don’t know enough about paypal to do it in a fake way) -P.S. stay beautiful”?




When we were in LA we went past a billboard with a picture of a redhead man with the followin message “ginger curious? Text nudes to …” and it gave a phone number.

Interesting investment in dating.


Personally I don’t see a problem with this. It’s not as though it’s face to face contact or necessarily a precursor to trying to form an intimate relationship.

Friendships will be formed that people will sometimes want to take off forum.

We will remove threads and posts by new members who seem to only want people to join them off this forum. That is pretty suspicious behavior in my book - to register on a website only to lure people off it. But, as you can see, the thread by Arturo was not removed, so we do understand where you are coming from in regard to friendships.


That is a good and fair point.

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Yes, I was making a mistake to finding the address of way_go. But we are (suppose to be) human, and interest created after such conversation. I know this site can not take its respo…, ok left it.

I agree with you @anon9798425 A few days ago one guy posted something like " How do i add friends here?" and when Ninjastar asked him “can you give more details about you?” he didn’t reply anymore… This kind of behavior is very suspicious in my opinion and they should be banned. The mod Ninjastar knows what i’m talking about.

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Thank you for the reminder.

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