Please Cheer Me Up

Another drug has failed level 3 testing and I would like to hear of something that is still being worked on. I’m bummed.

Min-101 is still being worked on and it’s good for negative symptoms.


Which drug r u talking about

i can’t but i can say if we didn’t try. we would never know. you know blizzard, i have tested all kinds of med in research studys in the past. so if it falls it still made the seen.

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I’m working on singing. Not a drug, but it’s something. Lol


Thank you. I wanted to pass the news on down but I realized that you guys, and I as well would not find it meaningful if we did not receive proof that they are still working on new drugs so there could be hope for something better than what is currently on the market and that someone is still trying.

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Min 101 blocks serotonin. I dont want something that still blocks serotonin!

If it blocked serotonin everywhere in the body the side effects would be terrible. But if it were selective enough it wouldn’t be that bad as some of the more effective drugs like clozapine do.