Please can you think back to the time your loved ones got you to let them seek help for you please?

I can remember a group of friends at the time meeting with me at my home and suggesting there was something wrong and that maybe i could seek help… i felt lovingly assisted to a safe place

I need to know this answer especially if you were non compliant for years because my sister has been solitary and in psychosis for 6 or 7 years


Four years ago, my companion called the police when I was having hostile, graphic, visual hallucinations and I wasn’t responding to her.

A former coworker took me to the emergency reception once. My family has taken me there once or twice. I went there bymyself one time.

My best friend usually suggest the hospital when I’m unwell. Sometimes I deny it, but he makes sure I know the option is there and that all I have to do is call, day or night, and he’ll take me.
I usually come around after a while

My family kept suggesting to go to hospital because they didn’t want to call police. I eventually gave in and went, and have been better ever since.

Something very serious must have done that they needed to call the police lol.Glad your ending is well

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Bump and thank you

I had to find help on my own. No one in my family even knew. My husband and kids suspected because I was saying strange things but I went on a lot of long walks in which I pretend to be talking on my phone so people don’t know I’m really talking to my voices. This gave me time to “be myself” with my voices and still hide it from the people I love. I didn’t want anyone to know. Not a single schizophrenic who hears voices or has any other delusional types of thoughts wants to be like that or at least we wouldn’t. Talk to your sister and ask her if there is anything positive about her delusions that is preventing her from getting help. Most likely there is something that feels magical about it and she is afraid that medication will take away something good. That’s what happened to me anyway. I hear “good” voices most of the time but in 2016 I had a full psychotic break and blacked out. That’s when I sought treatment

For me, I requested my mum to bring me to see a physiatrist before I had more and more symptoms of schizophrenia at the age of 17 but she never did, she even replied saying, “Your second aunt said that physiatrist is fake one” (then diagnosed as schizophrenia while serving half of the full-term national service which is 19 years old)
It depends on the individual. It’s hard to tell unless you did something. Also, depending on what “stage” your sister is in, certain words might need to be refrained from talking to her depending on what stage she is at. From my knowledge, even an almost fully recovered schizophrenia patient (verified by the doctor as almost nearest to a normal person) do not just help everyone around by speaking whatever pieces of advice that comes to mind (except for what helped them in key points format [because if she perceived it another way around rather than what you meant, you will harm her and the damage will also depend on what “Stage” she is in])
But you maybe can first try to talk her in and when out of options, must do it the hard way and pray hard, hoping that her condition can be suppressed by a little bit from the medication the doctors give her.
My scenario is the very bad “stage”, that’s for the worst-case scenario.
There are too many points needs to be attended to, but if you really intend to help her to the fullest, please try to spend more time with her [appropriately], appropriately I mean by, encourage her at times, talk logically into her by using logical to break down why her delusion is really false, ask her what caused her delusions, like any event or experiences she had, praise her for things she did well, give her lots of ample time than what a normal person needs. For me, recovery goes by phase, in what phase she will need different things. In short and simple yet complex, Love her correctly.
I am writing these from my experiences of myself and what I observed. I don’t know if this helps or is it scaring you but I can only say nothing is certain and definite until you do something and see the outcome then use whatever resources you can to help her. Lastly, don’t be very pessimistic, at least have a glimpse of hope.

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