Plans today?

So what’s everyone’s plans for today?

Lazy morning with my mother and fiancé, then this afternoon we’re having a little BBQ, and tonight we can see a fireworks show from the house.

Wishing everyone a good day!

PS: fireworks are crazy expensive! $70 for a 2 minute show


They celebrate big time where I live. It’s crazy.:blush: Sounds like a good day to me. Happy 4th!

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We’re having friends over for a BBQ and setting off our own fireworks later tonight

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I’m planning to do as little as possible, I’m having a lazy day


It’s a holiday here in the USA. Independence Day. Many people have cook outs and watch fireworks when it gets dark.


Its the early mornings the 5th of july here. Spend all day in bed. Every country got there special days. Enjoy your day.

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no plans today. we celebrated the 4th yesterday, with music and fireworks and food. today I have to get the yard mowed sometime and get a workout in. that’s about it.

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