Happy Independence Day

Just wanted to say I hope all of you in America have a great Independence day! Stay safe and fun!


We’re going to the movies to stay out of the heat. Fireworks are banned because of the drought. I love a parade.

I thought I was going to be alone today but my sister called and wants me to come to her house for the holiday, my mom is taking me so I intend on drinking as much merlot as I can…haha…there will be swimming, drinking, and burgers and home made peach ice cream…yayyyy…(I usually hate this holiday)

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Happy Independence Day everyone! Hope you all have a good one! I am supposed to see fireworks with my friend and her son. Don’t know if that will work out, but if not, I can see fireworks from my bedroom.

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I’m thinking about taking my Great Dane Yosemite to see some firework. He is the only dog I know that like fireworks. Last year we walk down by the river and watch the fireworks. We will most likely do the same thing this year. No big show just people camping and shooting off fireworks.

From the country Ridgerunner

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why happy day to you as well.

had breakfast at ihop with my parents and then drove 45 minutes west for a cookout at my clubhouse only to feel depressed and leave before the burgers went on the grill. I guess it may have been J and B, our clubhouse’s new couple, being all couply that made me feel depressed. Not jealous mind you, just a little depressed…reminded me deep down of when I was young and still able to feel that way about another person…

So went back to the apartment I still have out there and took a good desperate crawl around the floor which was actually mildly successful to my astonishment. Hadn’t been there in over a month and realized like oh so many times before it’s not what the hole in my soul needs to feel full and it just makes me see clearly all the neurotic things I do which I am normally blind to, hence the ten or fifteen minutes of profound discomfort.

But I’m back on the coast, missed my exit for the first time ever, no fireworks yet though there were some last night that people were setting off on their own. Back during my psychosis several years ago when I was in rehab I flipped out on the 4th of july saying it was a major trigger for me and then ripped the flag down off the house…heh I don’t even remember now why I thought it was a trigger…???

We don’t have anything planned, my dad had to work all day and works tomorrow. We were going out to Columbia Missouri over the weekend to visit my older brother but had to cancel our plans because my dad thought he had to fill in for is assistant at work, turns out he didn’t have to but we don’t have time to make reservations now so we’re just staying home and relaxing this weekend.

There are fireworks at the fair here, but neither my parents nor I are fond of big crowds and my mom having crones disease (a bladder control disorder that makes need the bathroom a lot) we have to be closer to the port-a-potties than venue so we’re just staying at home relaxing in the nice air conditioned apartment. Not to mention we’re more indoors type of people and all the festivities in the city are out side, bring your own seating type events. I was hoping for Brat’s and Burgers with fries for dinner but some reason dad was insistent of making stir fry tonight. I mean who eats Stir Fry on Independence day?

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I went to the fairgrounds and watched the parade and ate pizza and watched the fireworks. It took me an hour to get out of the parking lot. Right now it’s way past my bedtime, but oh well. 4th of July comes once a year.

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