Place your bets. Title used

How long will it take from right now for me to get suspended again?

Any takers?

How long will the suspension last?

Place your bets.

Suspended for what? For being a pansdisease? Hardly. :smile:

I just know that it’s quickly approaching, it always happens.

That’s because you provoke it.

Uhh. You could get yourself suspended as soon a pixel logs back in again if you work quickly enough.

It’ll be for 2 days though.


It’s debateable whether or not i do.

Man, you are not doing harm to anyone.

Btw…there is a difference between things how they are and how we see them.

—= COUGH =—


It don’t apply here im afraid.

Ill get suspended for how i am and not because i think ill get suspended causing me to act a certain way to get me suspended.

You aren’t sick are you? You should get that cough checked out.

Epic amounts of forest fire in the air where I live. Those with respiratory problems (including moi) have been having a rough go of it this week.


Thats terrible.

Not a huge fan of forest fires myself, but everything is a matter of opinion i guess.

I like the little fires in one’s backyard that you can cook s’mores over. Burning an entire forest at once is a tad … excessive. There’s also the fact that I can’t cook and eat that many s’mores at once.


Sure you can pixel.

You just need a smore making machine.

And if you practice and put the time in you can be the smore eating champion of the world.

Id say go for it if you want to.

I already own a bunch of ice cream makers. Not doing anything for my weight, that’s for damn sure. Automated s’more production would push me past the red line!


You are just imagining a red line there pixel.

Go for it bro, it’s all imaginary, no red line whatsoever any of the time.

This is sarcasm.

People who don’t draw lines kind of suck donkey nuts.

Erf. There is a point my scale won’t measure beyond. Had that problem once over a hundred pounds ago. Not going back there.