Piracy and schizophrenia

My brother told me that there is a relationship between my psychosis and my behaviour of not wanting to consume piracy (or download pirate stuff).

As an art student, I think piracy is bad because it’s like stealing. If you create something, you have the right to charge it. There are some products that have an abusive price (Windows 10 for example), but it’s not an excuse for consuming piracy.

Anyway, I have some obsessive thoughts and it’s the bad side. I won’t condemn people for consuming piracy but the obsessive thoughts make me differentiate from these people. It’s like if I was the hero for not consuming piracy and the other ones who consume it are the bad guys. I think it’s an obsessive thought.


I absolutely support piracy.
If you create something, it should be available free of charge to all humanity.
The creation should be for all humanity to enjoy, NOT to make money.
Regarding the need of creators to have food and shelter, advances in automation
and technology(like robots, 3D printing) allow us to provide for our needs free of money.


i agree. i like rosetta stone. but i havent a good computer
i download my apps and pay for them or stick to the free ones now a days

I agree and disagree with you both… Something’s should be free to all or those who require it… Cancer treatments…diabetic stuff…electricity ect…but if my favorite bands songs merc and concerts were free I would never get new music from them… Shouldn’t pirate movies…unless their Michael bay movies…he needs to stop ruining my childhood heroes with crappy old references and slow mo explosion scenes… Lol


Why should my creation be available for free?

I still think we can decide if a creation will be charged or not. There are people who create a lot of things and release it for free. But they generally have the free products and the paid products. If you want more (more knowledge, more fun, more training, more inspiration etc), you have to pay for it. And there’s a lot of free stuff out there. Why should we pirate things?

I agree with @flameoftherhine. It should be free if you require it.

Piracy is illegal and posting about illegal activities is against forum guidelines.


Just to clarify, the original post was fine as the OP was discussing obsessive thoughts related to piracy. The thread was locked because subsequent posts veered off into discussions of supporting piracy.

Incidentally @brugluiz I think your not supporting piracy is because you are an ethical person. It has nothing to do with your diagnosis.

With that said, definitely discuss your obsessive thoughts on the subject with your therapist as it sounds like these thoughts are causing you discomfort.