Life with Schizophrenia E6: Finding Peace


Short video but good job.

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Made my day, I haven’t been feeling so well lately. But it’s different than before. I’m just depressed now. SZ I think is like someone said, we’ve been bad people and were paying for it now…

Thanks for the video @thomas

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Yeah, good video.

I’m not sure if I understand you, but if you’re saying that we got this disease out of some cosmic punishment from god or something, I do not think you’re right. Schizophrenia is a medical condition like cancer or diabetes. It is not a moral failing. There are good people who led honest productive lives without hurting anyone but came down with schizophrenia.

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Actually I’m just feeling that way. I wasn’t a bad person. Or actually, maybe I was an inconsiderate ■■■■■■■, but not a bad person. I know this is like astrology, like someone birth month conincides with hitler yet you’re not anything like them, I’m just saying. I know people are good, and it is a disease, but my diseased brain wants me to believe its punishment. how ironic huh, lol.

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Also I feel weak for being depressed, I wish I could just “buckle my boot straps and pick myself up”. I’m feeling tired of telling people I’m depressed. or have negative symptoms, just think of them when I tell them that.

I’ve heard other people say that they believe schizophrenia is karma for past transgressions. We all have our own delusions about stuff.

Yeah, I do kind of believe in that, but I also believe it is a disease.

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