Pink Floyd; "Dogs" lyrics

And when you loose control, you’ll reap the harvest you have sown.
And as the fear grows, the bad blood slows and turns to stone.
And it’s too late to lose the weight you used to need to throw
So have a good drown, as you go down, all alone,
Dragged down by the stone.

I gotta admit that I’m a little bit confused.
Sometimes it seems to me as if I’m just being used.
Gotta stay awake, gotta try and shake off this creeping malaise.
If I don’t stand my own ground, how can I find my way out of this


Good lyrics but I never really liked dogs. Like pigs and sheep a lot though.

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Or maybe I like dogs and not sheep, not sure.

or maybe i like them all and i’m just bugging!

Why are dogs so bad anyway? Aren’t they suppose to be man’s best friend?

Great Album. I like all Pink Floyd though I felt they made a lot of money on Syd Barrett (Wish You Were Here) without giving him a cut which saddens me.

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My dog actually tries to murder birds and cats.

He never gets them but i don’t think it would be good if he did.

Likewise the cat he is always trying to murder is always walking by with murdered things in it’s mouth.

Animals are evil as ■■■■ bro.

Well, we eat them.

My last cat used to always bring me murdered things, and some things not entirely murdered yet. One night he came in, jumped up on my chest to cuddle, and his mouth and throat were soaked with blood. I was frightened by him then.

We always said that if he were big enough, he would eat me. But I suspect he’d feel terrible afterwards.

Yeah, he would only feel terrible when he realized there was no dessert.

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I often thought that of my two cats when I had them because they probably would be monstrous if not for some evolutionary affect on their survival. That’s probably why they look at us oddly as if we didn’t know this to be the case about them. hahaha

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Yeah, he loved me terribly - he would defend me against houseguests and provide all sorts of meals in the form of dead rodents and birds - but when he was on the hunt he was entirely wild.

pulse is a great album but David Gilmours new album is a bit boring imo, havent listened to rodger waters album, cant believe i listened to the staff at the music shop :frowning: thought i could trust them unless both of them are crap lol

yesterday i was spoiled for choice at the music store, its hard to know what to choose sometimes, i saw an album called Space- attack of the 50ft mutant kebab and it was just so funny, i was also tempted by Amy Winehouse albums

i heard he always got some kind of royalties from his music,

he went into their studio and said ‘i heard you were writing songs about me’ they didnt know what to do bc he was so different to what they remembered, idk what they did but he went home

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