Picture yourself in a boat by the river, with plastercine windows and marmalade skys

Or not.
It’s up to you; its your choice.


No one I think is in my tree. I mean it must be high or low…

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Poor John. Great talent but not a nice guy.


He was mean and he was nice…he wasn’t all bad Nick…right? I mean , he wrote a lot of music that helps people be happy so he can’t be all that bad?

Yes, of course he had many good points just like anyone else.

He was a complicated, paradoxical human being but his private life was vastly different from his public image.

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I mean a lot of stars from all different types of entertainment are different from their public image.
But the diacotomy of someone who had so much popularity and was on the world stage and had so much influence over so many people for so many years and after the Beatles broke up he put his causes and beliefs about peace, and love in front of everybody it just is so weird that he was almost the complete opposite of what he preached. I still like him, but my image of him is a little jaded with all the revelations that have surfaced these past few years. His character issues are just so weird because of his place and influence in world history.

Everybody’s got something to hide except for me and my monkey!


3… 2… 1… Nothing :sleeping: Maybe after month, waking up to that view and fresh air everyday… I could see that being therapeutic.

This song was about some chick named Lucy obviously. No subliminal drug reference at all!

I want to paint that in a literal fashion.

Because a sky literally made of marmalade would just be disgusting.

I always like thinking of the metaphors literally because it’s weird and funny.

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well then, you’re going to have a healthy laugh with my poems, sir. :wink: :dark_sunglasses:

Lucy in the sky with diamonds = LSD.

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Sounds like an acid trip to me. When he wrote it, was he so unaware that it sounded like a drug reference? When he’s interviewed he always so surprised that people think its about drugs.
Makes you think, don’t it?