Physical Activity Levels and Psychosis: An Analysis of Factors Influencing Physical Activity

Why don’t people who have schizophrenia exercise much despite the great benefits and need? Here is what one study out of Spain suggests an answer to that question:

Physical activity (PA) can help reduce cardiovascular disease and premature mortality in people with psychosis. However, there is a paucity of representative data on PA in people with psychosis, especially from low- and middle-income countries (LMICs)

Mobility difficulties explained the largest amount of low Physical Activity among males (18.5%)
followed by self-care difficulties (16.3%),
depression (16.1%),
cognition (11.8%),
pain and discomfort (11.4%),
interpersonal activities (8.6%),
sleep and energy (7.2%),
and vision (3.0%)


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Sub clinical psychosis, is that mild psychosis seen outpatient? Outside the hospital?

Like some of the behavior on the forum would be sub clinical psychosis, then as it escalates, people hospitalized have clinical psychosis, right?

what are they going to do about it?

In my case, self-care difficulties is the main culprit. I am physically able, but completely lack the will power and motivation…

I don’t think I’ve told you @Andrey

I did a research study thru university

Blood draws and questionaire

I was paid about 500 dollars

Do you believe evaluation of us
Is in our best interests

Would you like
We did this study on Andrey
And decided we can and do know sz

Even Anne Frank wasn’t tormented
The person can’t be trusted for science and history

I wouldnt mind doing some questionnaires. Although there is a risk they will distort the results to fit their pre conceived ideas. But I would still do it for the cash…

All you care about is research or studies

Do you believe it’s conclusive

Even if we did

And what does it say about
Things like pressure gas or human inability

Environmentalists want to know how the cow was treated before they eat it

I’m here for now

But I get real tired of sz admin

And fire monkey

And all their human test experiments

I do care a lot about research because I am not content with the current available treatment for my illness. Before my psychotic break I had the energy for a full time job and social interactions and also lots of physical activity. Now I look like a vegetable, almost bed ridden. I dont want to know how the cow lived and what it ate before meeting its butcher, I only want solid results. Most research nowadays is beating around the bush but sometimes good stuff pops up, stuff that keeps me optimistic. And I usually point that out for people who might have the same interests as me.

I see that physical mobility (or the lack there of) is the main culprit of inactivity for people with psychiatric illness. Well, their real difficultly is the cognitive deficits and avolition and ahedonia which contributes to their inadequate exercise. It is a soild catch 22.

One way of increasing activity might be very small steps to getting out and about. That requires someone to keep their motivation levels up. No reward and punishment nonsense, just someone who is patiently on their side.