Photos I chose in this year

I have taken many photos in this year, I just wanted to post these 15 photos. This is the area where I live.



What a beautiful place to live! So unique to the world. Way different than the USA but similar at the same time.

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I love you dearly @mjseu ;
You are a dear brother.

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What a beautiful … take care man …

Which mobile phone do u carry to take picture @mjseu …

I carry always two phones, one simple Samsung phone and one Nokia phone just for photo taking.

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Nokia is national product of finland right…cuz ur picture looks in high defination…take care buddy…

talented photographer and beautiful place to live, I appreciate your sharing all the time

Photo taking is my hobby, I have been taking photos since the early 1980’s, I have a lot of photos, nowadays it is so much easier to take and share photos because we do not need to develop photos as it was in the past.


wow these places are too beautiful

The one with the rowboat on shore makes me dream of fishing. So relaxing. Thank you for sharing. The pics are beautiful.:national_park:

@mjseu where do you live? Which country? Nice pictures btw!

Nice photos. Some of them remind me of where I live, on the shores of Lake Erie.

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Yeah, it looks a little bit like Oregon. Very beautiful place to live.

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I love you dearly @Magicfish @wiligv @IndustrialLad @Wesley
you are dear friends and brothers of mine.

Thanks, Erez.I hope you can get to feeling better and I wish you the best.

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Thanks for sharing! In which city do you live @mjseu?