Phil and company 10101010

Phil says he’s leaving tomorrow. He was so biting on my ass from the time he got home, just absolutely terrible. Some people just don’t get it, the mental illness, the targeting everywhere you go. All over everything, and wouldn’t shut up. I’m halfway happy if we break up.

I think I’ve heard this before…hopefully a self-correcting problem.

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should I go out and make amends, it was his doing though.

I wouldn’t develop a habit of enabling and rescuing something that is bothering you. He wants to go? Ciao! You were you before him, you’ll be you after him. Frankly there seems to be a bit of dysfunction, so I’d look at it as him doing you a favor.

is this the original Alien?

Missed you.


Thank you. Ya, it’s me, in the cyberflesh. Been posting on and off for about 2 weeks again.

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