Peter is coming soon

Peter will yet again be whipped out.

Many eggs will be found.

Peter sneaks around and night putting eggs in everyone’s baskets.

Sometimes i wonder where peter is, but i’ll know he’ll come, again and again he’ll come, he might be gone for a bit, but he’ll come.

Peter is from a long line of peters that were made to believe that boring solid white eggs were quite beautfiul and he even goes hunting them.

What did i just hear, oh that’s just him, he’s coming again, oh no he just walked by, now he is going, i can’t tell whether peter is coming or going sometimes. Get’s confusing.

The reality of easter, here i’'ll show you now, this is easter and what it is from the perspective of the higher ups:

This is what we all look like in their eyes. And that is what easter is all about, lies to make us breed for them.

peter pan breaks into children’s bedrooms.

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I have pan’s disease, as in they are murdering me right now.

Look at the pan lover in this photo, fairly rich wasn’t he?

Those who speak it more likely don’t do it, but the ones who do it will be sure it never leaves their mouths, yes?

But i know you are in shallow water, i was as well. When expansion is complete you can see right through it.

Peter griffin