Personal growth

Did you find schizophrenia stunting your personal development.
For I see I’ve grown slowly.
I’ll like to hear your perspective


Binge eating stunts my growth more than psychotic disorder.

I was diagnosed in 2009 , so 14 years ago or thereabouts. I’ve made great strides in my personal growth since then.

@Blair are you seeing a therapist? That could help.

I’ve had things stunting my development that were the precursor of schizophrenia. I’d have to say, “yes, schizophrenia did stunt my development.”

Schizophrenia did not stun my growth,
my actions towards my environment was not, that calculated.
Because I am person who just fly from (fight, freeze , flight) my issues.

So I found a safe haven in alcohol and resulted in schizophrenia at young age.
I had my issues, but found a route that is not wise.

I say personal growth is still possible.

Actually schizophrenia gave me life,
All my friend whom I chose are no more,
but the people who chose me and left,
are in better positions.

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I am finding seeds of growth in my life that I forgot I planted

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