Perphenazine Dosing

Does any one here know what the lowest most effective dosing range for perphenazine - Trilafon is?
I want to inform myself before I see my pdoc later on this week. If she decides to put me on this drug, if the Latuda fails, I want to be on the lowest most effective dose range of perphenazine - I was just wondering what an effective low dose would be - I want to try to avoid EPS, Navane another typical antipsychotic I was on, gave me awful EPS symptoms

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A low, but working dose would be around 4 mg 3 times a day. I should also point out that Navane is a high-potency drug, while Trilafon is medium-potency. The higher the potency, the higher the risk of EPS.

wave, if you take perphenazine, you’d better take multivitamins along with it, because perphenazine has a strong side effect of TD. Vitamin B and E are effective of preventing TD according to a 10 year research on 3,000 patients.


I started on 2 mgs. three times a day in 1969. Now I take 16 mgs. twice a day. It works great for me, but it is not spectacular. Haldol is spectacular. Give a floridly psychotic patient a shot of Haldol in the Emergency Room, and in less than an hour he is often talking rationally. Perphenazine, on the other hand, takes weeks to get an optimal effect.

I am constantly tirating my doses. Typically, I need the most antipsychotic and the least antidepressant in August. Typically I need the least antipsychotic and the most antidepressant in December.


It’s allowed up to 64mg per day, I take 3*8mg per day, It’s really has no mentally side effect, just goodness but It gives temporary tremor which can be controlled by combining it with trihexyphenidil or biperidin, It’s one of the cleanest anti psychotics I’ve ever used and completely effective.

Man, Thanks to all of you guys - @anon40540444 I will absolutely keep that in mind - I appreciate it

Hello, Jayster, I was wondering why you have increased the dose of perphenazine from 6 mg to 32 mg during the past 45 years. Were that the positive symptoms came back and you increased the dose to suppress it?


Hello Greenlife,

  The disease progressed for a number of reasons.  For example, many well meaning, highly intelligent, and highly educated people argued with me that I should stop seeing the psychiatrist and stop taking his medication.  Therefore, I would have six month gaps when I would take no medication.