Perphenazine at four mg

Perphenazine is a very old drug that I have been on for six years now at four mg four times a day. Its losing its potency I feel but I still like it.has anyone else here ever been on this drug or currently on it?

I’ve been on it 3@8mg, its the most safe med in traditional APs category.

That’s good.I’m going to stay on it as long as I can.

Add another 4mg if its ok with your doctor

I take 20mg a day of perphenazine, I notice a difference the next day if I only take 16mg perphenazine

My doctor did not want me to go over 20mg a day because he was worried about tardive diskeneasea.

4mg makes that much difference to me

I was on 8mg for like 17 years, then relapsed and doctor put me on 20mg

Been on 20mg for like 5-6 years and it doesnt loose its potencey for me, some times I need a break and go down to 16mg for a couple of days to get a little break.

Yeah I have sensitivity to high MG’s of perphenazine so I’ll probably be on low dose for a while.