People's Advice?!

Would I like to sleep all day drugged with the medicines my prescriber gives to me? I would, but I enjoy some things in my life too. What do you do when people’s advice stops being helpful? And your God or voice starts telling you to do things that don’t work out? That’s where I am this Tuesday morning. I do so little work. I only do things I want and always on my time. Today I feel I should really clean my apartment. One thing I can argue is after being in a small mental ward for 12 days my back is too weak to do housework and my weight gain from the constant food they fed us has made my back weak also. So I shouldn’t worry about bad karma but get out on this perfect spring day so my strength can come back. I need to grocery shop and I’m taking my sweet time reading in idleness. That’s my advice to myself. It would be so easy if I had a wife. My question is do you still find people’s advice helpful?

Yes, I find advice helpful. Opinions from people give me more options to think about. I don’t like to think on my own. I like to think in groups or with other people.

Sometimes it helps. Usually I like to think through things by talking them over. But that doesn’t always mean I’ll do what the other person advised

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