People with schizophrenia experience emotion differently from others


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Yes, interesting. Do I really want to be socially engaged in a dysfunctional society? Some of the best therapists I know are SZ that have found a healthy balance between functionality and vision. I encourage more of us to make the effort to fully heal without medication and become therapists, counselors, thought leaders, and islands of sanity. We have either gone through our rite of passage or are in the midst of that passage for a reason. We will be needed as the number of people entering psychosis increase (and it is) due to the pressures post-industrial society places on individuals.

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Lol. :joy: That’s funny.

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I know i used to be horrible at feeling and expressing my emotions as well as my bodily sensations (even basic things like: am i hungry?). Feeling wasnt much fun at times. Or safe. :flushed:

I have taught myself to get better at it, but it is still hard.

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I don’t get the premise of this. How can you experience emotion through your body. It’s all in your head.

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If i have strong emotions i actually feel them in my body. E.g. my chest feels tight, my muscles tense, my stomach upset, my breathing changes. When i reexperience bad things i can even tremble and shake. When i feel happy there is room in my chest and my body feels light.

I never was aware, but that is slowly changing.


By fully heal I mean that we integrate what we have learned and are still learning to become wiser people. I have been SZ for 62 years. I am 67 now. I did not have the amazing community that this forum offers. What I did have were the rare person that did listen and understand. They did not judge me. They encouraged me to see this thing through to the other side. Each of us are different with our own unique gifts and talents. What are yours? Do not think that life is static. That this is how it is going to be for the rest of your life. BS to that. We are an ever changing continuum. It’s like surfing; find the sweet part of the wave and ride it through. You may go for a tumble every so often but look, you are reading this so you must have survived.

I will tell you a little bit of my story. I think I was 24 or 25, failed marriage and peaking pretty fiercely into SZ land. Totally in my head. I met a woman that introduced me to yoga and I found I actually liked it. The more I did the more I felt my body. I discovered that my body was more than just a vehicle for my head. It held memories, had emotions and when it felt good, I felt good. Eventually I went to a massage school got certified as a massage practitioner and yoga teacher. That was the beginning of my healing. I have never stopped hearing voices or having visions but I have a working relationship with them. I know the language of my mind and it is because I am grounded in my body. Nothing happens immediately, it is small steps (small successes) that make for solid change. Change I can depend on. Marian is discovering the truth of what I am saying and I encourage everyone to have the courage and self-compassion to explore new directions.


Thanks for sharing your story. I would think that yoga could be good for schizophrenics. Anything that grounds us in our body and gets us out of the intense mental state can be helpful. Yoga has added benefits of working with calm breathing. I wish you the best on your continued path…

I’m not so sure about that. When I was delusional, maybe, but not now. I guess I’d only know if I was hooked up and they checked the body zones or whatever they do. I feel like my emotions are fine though.

I’ll be honest though, after what I went through I see a lot of things as trivial by comparison to my disorder and it makes me come off mean sometimes.

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