People watching me are off for christmas

Are the people watching you off for The holidays?

Or if you are from the US, they could be part of the government shut down :sunglasses::sunglasses::sunglasses:


That’s what I’m talking about.

How can you tell they are not currently watching you? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

Thats good! My scary thoughts dont shut up for christmas. In summer holidays they are generally more quiet though. They apparently like winters better. :wink: Perhaps the sunlight lamp can chase them away though.

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Why is thymes name grey?

I hear a voice tell someone else “listen to this guy” an then I heard a voice I never heard before. Some people are listening to me.

How am I messing with you? I just asked a simple question. :bird::bird::bird:

You don’t need to call names. All he did was ask a simple question.

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My voices get quiet after 11 pm, kind of like God turning down the volume or something, so I can sleep easier.

Makes the setup feel like it isn’t just in my mind.

No. They dont celebrate christmss i think. Their only way of celebrating is through watching and laughing at whatever i do.

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