People cuss at me everyday

I went to check my mail and some guy yelled hoe at me. I’m told males call females because they want to sleep with them or they are jealous. What the hell is going on?

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You’re hearing voices. Nothing special. The ordinary


I wish it was paranoia. Maybe they’re on drugs other than that,

They do that to me. They think if they’re insulting, you’ll be intimidated and like an idiot.


are you still taking your meds? they should’ve kicked in by now…

They kicked ini feel a difference

What I don’t understand. Who are they

@roxanna this past year you’ve been having such a rough time. When I get overwhelmed I stay at my dad’s or mom’s for a night. It helps me reset. Pdoc tells me I should face my challenges but running away helps too. Feel better.

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@chancewatcher @dbzmatt Please stop derailing this thread. Also, @dbzmatt it’s not OK to re-enforce @chancewatcher’s unusual beliefs

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