People being afraid of you

How do you deal with people being afraid of you? Am not even an evil person, I would say am a kind person always ready to help the vulnerable or those in need.

I don’t have this problem
I don’t think there are people out there that are frightened of me.

Unless I’m not medicated, then yeah

It’s mostly people ghosting me when I tell them I have schizophrenia. Nowadays I never mention my condition because am afraid of being ghosted

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I dont tell people about the illness. It’s better left alone verbally. As long as im taking my treatment and not stressing myself. I shouldnt become disruptive to others


No one has ever been afraid of me.

I can be timid and a pushover and was bullied and hated and abused and disrespected anc suppressed.

You don’t treat someone like that if you are afraid of them.
Jealous yeah but not afraid .

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I don’t usually tell people about the diagnosis. I have this thought in my head that if you bring something like that up without a pretext you are signaling that it is a issue.

I could be wrong though. Maybe others can carry themselves better and tell in a unintimidating way.

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I had this same exact thought. I think it’s them proving they’re not scared that is the issue. It used to happen a lot, but now it’s at least bearable. I’m still fighting, hope you guys are too!

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people who have been told about the amount of meds I take get scared of me.
Have never done anything bad to people in or out
of psychosis.

There was a time, during psychosis.
People said I seemed a bit unstable and unpredictable. Some moments even aggresive.

I could show my middle finger with no explanation or reason during psychosis. People feared how my mood will change, also my reactions

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