Peace be with you..!

ive good intentions, peace within me…and a pure heart


Yes you’re a good guy :slight_smile:
Most of us sz people are

We have been humbled

the meek shall inheited the earth

Not this earth…the meek shall be used by the sociopath class…strive to be the wolf not the sheep…not knocking being a good person…a wolf has a tight family unit but will fight as a team to defend each other…a sheep follows its own death around just waiting to be slaughtered by its shepherds…

Damit that sounded critical…i know lots of good people who get taken advantage of…i usta get used alot…but now i practice the art of get the fux back…i will defend myself and those kind souls ive found…if we dont defend each other and ourselves we are just sheep waiting in line to be slaughtered…

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