You know what. It doesnt matter if im not the best i have a good heart and no one can take that away from me. I am good and i am pure in soul and mind

I am a good person dispite what anyone else says about me i am pure and i am beautiful. Evil people and narcissists will not take this away from me a i am good from the soul.
I am a good person deep down despite what my bullies havep ut me through i still manage to get myself out of it i am happy and good natured .

People will not stop me no matter what because i still have a heart which is more then what bullies have. I am perfect and i am wanted.

Doesnt matter what bullies or nasty people say to me i am kind and i am wanted and i am free. Bullies and nasty people will not stop me.

If they can bullie somone to the point of wanting them dead they arent nice people point blank. I never did that to anyone. I said some bad stuff not to their face in the privacy of my own apartment if they dont like it they can get stuffed. Im not here for them im here for myself