Pdoc appointment tomorrow - can’t sleep

Appointment is at 11am so I might just stay up till then then crash when I get home


I get excited for my appointments too.


I’d try to get a few hours sleep if you can. If you’re staying awake then maybe write down some things you want to talk about with them. Just my opinion :man_shrugging:


I have class tomorrow I hope I can make it.


I had an appointment with my psychiatrist last week and everything ok. He said if voices disturb me, we can increase the Abilify’s dosage, but he also said he thinks that right now it’s not necesary.

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I would probably be just as well off if I skipped my pdoc appointments for the next decade and had my meds prescribed to fill that time up. They are working about as well as they are going to and I don’t see anything new coming along.

@anon94176359 May it go well your appt. Now it’s 11 here where i am haha. When i go for prescription i have the injection on the same day.

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