PBS Documentary: Mysteries of Mental Illness

There is a new 2-part documentary series that is premiering tonight on PBS. I’m watching it now on my local PBS channel. Just now they are interviewing Cecilia McGough. It’s very interesting so far.

I think it’s also available online.


wow I wish I had cable I would watch it.

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Do you have internet? You can watch it online.

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Hmm. . .

What Is A Mystery?, What Is An Illness?, What Are The Realms Of Psychological Void’s? |||+||| :smiling_imp:

Thanks for the link @Moonbeam :+1:

For some reason, this documentary is on my local PBS right now… It’s 5am :upside_down_face:.

They’re kind of exploring the trajectory of modern-day psychiatry. Interesting, but I’m hoping they’ll touch more on SZ in today’s times.

Either way, it’s been interesting so far… And it’s PBS, so you know it’s good :slightly_smiling_face:.