Paying The Bills

They never end, all happy you pay the electric go to the mailbox and they have already sent you the new one :disappointed_relieved:

I know money is tight for many of us, but does it make you feel good when they are finally paid?

What drives me nuts is when you pay it right away online and your next bill shows a late fee and they use the lame excuse the bank takes several days to send it to them. Yet everyone else got their payment in time.


I don’t know what to say but it’s definitely not a welcome sign

do you have a job?

I pay a little each fortnight. I’m in credit to the electric company. I’m moving soon and I’m up for about a $500 refund from them.

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What bugs me is that if you owe say $500.01 on your credit card, but you pay only $500.00 by accident, they charge you with a full months interest, because you did not pay the full amount.

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If your asking me, yes have my own business for 20 years

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wow, you are doing great

It’s a roller coaster ride really sometimes great other times not so great

well, I guess it’s a relief getting to pay all my bills, especially the electric bill because this summer it’s always almost $200 each month! glad the fall weather is kicking in and we haven’t been using the air conditioners as much anymore.

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Yeah. And, where we live, the bills are about to REALLY start climbing.

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I get paid once per month. As soon as I get paid, I start paying my bills. By the fifth of each month, the balance in my account is 1/4 of what it was just a few days before. By the end of each month I’m broke and the cycle starts over again. I can’t think about it too much… hamster wheel.

I ecpect the new carbon tax will cost me another $2000.00 next year with my business

School taxes are due Saturday. I had to move money around in accounts and that took a few days even though its all electronically done. I was starting to get nervous but it went through today. Am going to the office to pay the bill today.

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I was approved for social security disability, but then my pdoc said I could still work. My point is, if I collected the ss disability money, they refused to pay it to me - said I had to designate a family member or trustworthy friend to manage the money. And due is would be made out the the person picked as my “payee”

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I pay those thru escrow. Sees so much easier. Or do you no. Longer have a morgage

I hear ya, I work parttime at a work at home job. Normally I could do 20 hrs a week but lately they have had less work available for their pool of contractors. And I just got a lab puppy so I need to work 20.

I might have to stop smoking and donating money to unicef.