Passport photo

I had to renew my passport today and have my photo taken.
Why is it one always looks terminal or like a serial killer on those?

I looked horrible in my new photo.
Slap a wart in my face and a pink bow on my head, and I’d look how I imagined Umbridge from the Harry Potter books to look.

At least the lady who did my passport made it an express request so I’ll have it before I go to Norway on the 21st.

Share your passport stories?


I just got mine done a few weeks ago I always look like I want to kill someone😂

I don’t have a passport but in photos i always have this blank, disengaged, something’s-wrong-with-me look on my face.

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Once upon a time I’ve never had a passport.

I’m 61 years old and grey, but here is a rough copy of my old passport photo.

WOW, I had hair back then in 1987.

I got my passport back then when I went to mainland China on business for 1 month. But there was an equipment delay, so we spent a week touring Hong Kong and then came back home. The company I worked for was closing down, and they promised us severance pay. But when we came back, they changed their minds. So we, three people, said that we would not go back to China for one month to complete the deal that was made with the Chinese unless we got our severance pay. They agreed. I got 27 thousand dollars. We were the only people who got the severance pay.

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I like how you can’t smile! It’s all so serious!!! At least on a drivers licence you can smile or wear a loud shirt. You don’t need that for a passport!

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