Parenting skills of patients with chronic schizophrenia - PubMed

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All parents have deficits. We are all just fumbling in the dark trying to not screw our kids up too much.


can I ask a question, what would you have done.

we were at the gym playing basketball, well, I wasn’t playing,
but my nephews and step dad were, they were about 10 and 11,

and they took their shirts off, to play skins, and my daughter, age 5 wanted to take her shirt off too.

thought about it, and then said, Go ahead.

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I’d have done the same. At 5 it isn’t anything but a flat chest.

My youngest just turned 10 and is starting to get little bumps. I just bought her first bralettes.

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This article is throwing me under the bus here. This is all true for me. Inconsistent discipline and I get so sidetracked with my own stuff I have to remind myself to give my children positive feedback and affection in addition to all the prompting I do to get them to do their school work and what they need to do for school etc. it’s a lot of work and so hard sometimes but I try my best.


I worry about being a good mother sometimes:

Like, will I be able to love my children enough?

Will they be happy?

Will they be good people?

Will I pass down this illness to them?

…I just hope I don’t mess my future kids up.


That sounds like all valid questions a good mother would ask in search of how to raise a child.

Bad mother wouldn’t care enough to be able to handle asking the questions in concern of a child.