Paranoia the destroyer

I experienced a lot of destruction in my life. I was angry for a very long time. I’m 53 and my anger has started to die down. I feel weird at having almost no sense of self. I was wondering if you have a lack of sense of self?

I’m not the angry type but paranoia can be so subtle. It ruled my life for way too long but it’s nice to be out the otherside for sure.

I am. I suppose I have a pretty good sense of self.

Anger was a trigger for me. I was angry for what I belived was injustice.
Angry is the oposite of forgiveness. And I work more towards that. When some anger surfaces I try to bring in compassion.

for a long time I had trouble experiencing the full spectrum of emotions, it was either elation or misery…recently I have felt more balanced and Im clinging to that feeling but I know I have to let go and move on with the roller coaster ride…

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I lacked a sense of self for a very long time. It came back, although damaged. I guess my sense of self is scarred and disfigured. I hope I heal.


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