Paranoia reduced with virtual reality

idk if anyone has posted this before but i seen it today and thought it was very interesting, its about how watching virtual reality scenarios in a lift and in a tube train can help train the brain that these places can be safe.

here’s the link i hope you can see-

I dont know about training the brain but i think that its obvious that anything that takes a brain out of a negative environment will help the negative effects, i do it my self with video games.

When im really into a immersive game I can and usually do forget about all the negative things going on around me.

i think its more about challenging ourselves in different environments, its less of a game and more of a therapy, if it was a game it might be more like second life only up close and personal,

it would be good to adapt that so that there is speech and facial expressions etc, also i think it depends who it is that you interact with like say a forty five year old will be less of a threat than say a 16 year old, and also their looks like clothing and haircut etc, everything should be put into this to make it seem as real an environment as can be in order to help people challenge their perceptions in more ways.