Paranoia is an unnecessary heads up

What do you do with all the silly paranoia that comes to mind? And then ignore the real problem.

i suffer with it…it is awful…i am going through a bad “spell” right now…i felt my diabetic nurse was upset with me,which caused me guilt,then i went to the drug store they seemed to be in a hurry to get rid of me;;;;so i know that the nurse had called them and told them how awful i was,now i am worried that my neighbors will be told…and so the story goes on…i do not have the ability to ignore this problem…i live in a small community so all of this “gossio” is possible…and so very real to me…i wish i was different,but i have been like this forever,or so it seems,…

I let it eat me alive and then see how silly it was later. Lol.

I need a better strategy.


maybe us with paranoid symptoms should take a step back and look at ourselves who are thinking this about other people, etc. and make ourselves wonder about the validity of it. does this sound like a good idea?

I just tried it earlier today and it worked a little. every little bit counts, no?


I meant it to be about myself. I’m sorry, my grammar could improve.