Paranoia, a poem

Paranoia what a terrible thing
It took away my life
thought I was gaining knowledge, but made the wrong string
once a mother and wife

Did I watch and read the wrong things?
or was my perception off understanding
the fear was intense
then the self reprimanding

It took hold of my soul
and left an empty hole
all seemed to go wrong
I should have stuck to poetry and song

perhaps i always was a worrier
but with that I could deal
but when paranoia took hold
my life it did steal, and I quickly grew old

It can creep up slowly
adding through the years
simple curiosity gone awry
paralyzed with fears

How could it be this became me
lost in a fog no rationality to see
as the fears grew stronger, the isolation took hold
it became all encompassing, all alone, ill and old

so if the doubt and the fears take hold
please reach out, find a new road
counter it with uplifting things, and reality testing
before you’re scared, alone and old


Fear is the only enemy, and that’s in our control. Take heart and face down the enemy. Courage comes from the heart, and the heart isn’t inside our heads. Take care.

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