Painting science fiction for a while

I love science fiction and I get peaceful planetary paintings from painting space ships and planets…what do you think?


I love science fiction too! I look forward to seeing your paintings.


I have published my Sci-Fi story on a site called HITRECORD

No one has really messaged me in ages to say they like it, but it would be a visual piece in its end - either film or pictures of some description

It’s a dystopian history of how we escaped Mars to Earth and arrived here as the alien species long ago, and we basically behaved in a colonial way towards the natural inhabitants and completely trashed the planet

The basic take out is well done Earth - we’re going to end up like Mars, but without a second chance. This is the end.

Unfortunately I find it highly triggering, as it relates heavily to many different psychoses and acid trips that stick this story together.

It’s ■■■■■■■ weird, but I like it.

One day if I have enough leisure time and my head screwed on properly, I may finish it.

For now I put it in a public domain for whatever use someone may find of it

Last count around 20,000 words and about a third through the story


thanks…this opens up a whole list of things to paint…


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