Painting & decorating

Got a Job to do at my mums painting and decorating, basically i have to paint the skirting and the two ceilings as well as the walls in the hall and upstairs and bannisters and doors too, so i said i’d like to get something for doing it bc i am saving up for a holiday,

have you ever done any painting and decorating before?


I am now in the process of decorating my room in my new place.
Got most of my furniture but still waiting on the mattress and refrigerator.
I am having a hard time with the decorating but thankfully my father and brother are helping.


thats good you have help, i have no help but i don’t think it can be that hard, i have the roller so i think the hardest part will be going around the edges with the brush and trying to keep things neat and clean lol, i am a bit worried that i do a shoddy job and if i get too anxious.

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I think that you will do just fine @Resilient1.
You can take your time.

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