Been decorating

Since I’ve been suspended from this site I have been doing some decorating at my mums, it’s quite hard and the gp gave me diazepam for the anxiety which helps a bit, so I’ve been doing a little bit at a time and I’ve done the main bit which was the walls in the hall and upstairs and I just need to do the doors and Bannister upstairs and I’m finished.


Can u post some picture …

I have three brothers who all work together as painters. One of them runs the business and the others joined his business as workers when they left their own trades.

I, however, am a terrible painter. It’s bloody hard work and my patience is small! I can appreciate you getting the job done. It’s good to do something like that and have some pride in your work!


thanks guys, farcry i dont really want to post pictures, sorry

i went over today and did a bit more, i put a coat of primer on the bannister and doors upstair, i’m going over on thursday to put the gloss on and then its just the loft hatch and i might tidy up my edging lol

hi guys, so i went over today and did some more painting, just got a little bit left and i have said i will try and do the wall papering and i just hope i make a good job of it,

my diazepam has run out so i need to see the gp again if my anxiety is just the same

and i also helped out back bc the shed needs a new layer of felt on the rookf and i smashed up an old cabinet that was in there, it was basically my dads shed but its cool, i dont think he would mind now.