Painful Tactile Hallucinations

I only had tactile hallucinations right before my first psychotic break. I haven’t felt any since then now that I’m medicated. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful. Talk to your doctor more about TMS.

If what I’m reading is right, then it sounds like some sort of way to stimulate your brain with magnets. I see the conclusion here states that “Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation is a safe and effective treatment for auditory hallucination in schizophrenia spectrum disorders.”

I don’t know that I would be worried. If your doctor and you can work through if you think its right for you, I say go for it.

I only searched for it but I’m sure there might be research about tactile hallucinations as well, this is just the first thing I nabbed.

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I’ve had painful tactile hallucinations but most of them aren’t really painful. I feel bugs crawling on me mostly on my legs CONSTANTLY. Idk how to make this stop unfortunately…

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I sometimes feel someone in my matress trying to claw and kick their way out, its not really too painful, but it makes sleep tricky.

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I took abilify for my painful tactile hallucinations, but most of them weren’t even painful, as they were mostly bugs crawling on me.

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No I haven’t 151

I feel bugs and ants on my body. Nothing painful though

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I had these entities in my mind that would scratch at the top of my brain and though it was still in thought form, I could feel it. It was painful.

Lol, does she think that the pain is a hallucination? How the hell would ibuprofen help anything?

Honestly, I know some people are angry that meds are the first line of defense for schizophrenia, but the only thing that helped me was getting on the right meds.

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Lol, I think she finally did some research on my issue and she is starting to take me seriously when i say that the head pain comes from the entity or entities.

My fiance and I both hear voices and experience tactile hallucinations. We both take Kratom to help. IT is a wonderful herb for anxiety, focus, pain, etc. You can order it relatively cheap online. I shop at

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That’s a horrible idea. Kratom is psychoactive and a really bad idea. Can even become addictive.


works for us! Sorry, not trying to give bad advice. My fiance takes no psyche drugs, I do, I take Zyprexa and take Kratom in the morning to get over the morning after side effects of Zyprexa. The plant is from the coffee family, it gives a natural boost in energy, it’s not like cocaine or anything lol. I love it! It’s what gets my fiance through what he goes through.

I had to look up the definition to ‘psychoactive’ lol! Yes it does affect the mind, that’s why we take it!! There is an effect from taking it! You can’t believe everything you hear. My daddy used to say, believe none of what you hear and half of what you see. A lot of fear mongers out there.

If you’re going to take a supplement for positive symptoms, might as well try Amyloban 3399 (with the pdoc’s approval.) It has worked very well for a number of people on this forum, including me. Voices are very quiet with it.

I will look into it. Thanks

Never heard of Amyloban 3399 but I will research it. Thanks!

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Do you know if this medicine has helped in treating tactile hallucinations?

I have tactiles but they have only gone down somewhat with Amyloban 3399, not completely.

I wonder what it actually does to our brain chemistry that helps with voices/tactile hallucinations.

It increases the amount of nerve growth factor in the brain, which repairs some of the damage that causes the hallucinations.

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