Out to get me

I thought after talking to my peer yesterday that she was out to get me. We talked about it today and I’m just being paranoid. I feel better knowing that’s all it was.


Paranoia sucks.


Yeah, it really does.


that sound annoying… to feel that way =(

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Yeah, paranoia is awful. When I was psychotic and delusional I thought people were out to mind control me, and that they could do it from a distance, so staying at home wasn’t even safe.

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That sounds awful @Headspark

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Yeah, it wasn’t too pleasant. It really put the paranoid in paranoid schizophrenia, lol

Thankfully the meds have taken care of that.

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I’m pretty sure people talk about me behind my back. What I don’t like is when people pretty far removed from my life come at me all judgemental. They don’t have the right to even know I exist.

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Yeah. I feel the same way @crimby

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