Our New Rescue Cat!

We’ve called him ‘Tux’…because his black and white coat looks like he’s wearing a Tuxedo!


He hid in the closet for 3 days…now he thinks he owns the joint!


Some kid to a bic lighter to one of his whiskers…so I don’t blame Tux for being timid/ scared when he first met us.

Looks like his tongue is perpetually sticking out. Cute!

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That’s his ‘soul patch’…and I agree…very cute! :smile:

He’s gorgeous! My family had a tuxedo cat once, we named her Miss Daisy

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He’s adorable, I love his expression

Beautiful! 15555

What a cutie. Sounds like he found a good home. @Montezuma has a tuxedo cat too. We have an all black cat and a gray and blackish spotted cat.


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He’s adorable.15characters

Oh, Patrick… how cute!


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