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Quite a few very intelligent contributors to this site…

Some people who aren’t SZ post here, and sometimes I get the feeling they wish they were Sz just so they could fit in with all of us and have the excuse to be here.

Am I wrong about this?

(But of course, I’ve been called ‘dumber than a bag o’ hammers’ on other sites so go figure.)


…especially the ‘Dear Abby’ type posts about relationships with partners of Sz.

Do these people actually wish they had our affliction…or am I just imagining this?

Are some people just addicted to or attracted to pain?

No i think you are not just imagining it. I get it at school now and is was worse in high school is could just be the drive to fit in, to apart of something different to be special…to not be normal to stand out? when i had the break at hs i really did stand out bitting and attacking the cop that was trying to get me into the car and i had to be stunned and i wet myself yea standing out there not in a fun or good way

Yes people are addicted and attracted to pain to the broken person, i was and am now in a s/D type relationships, this one is the most supporting and healing one i had. The older ones, yes people was attracted to me, being my looks i looked 14 well into my middle 20’s and i only just look 19/20 now.

So why would someone do out of they way to pick a broken messed up girl like me? Maybe is was coming form a gorean training, thankfully im free of! Free Woman now! HA! If you not read the books or know about the life that’s going to not make much sense. But people did i know now that they was using me but living in a hallution full world…That could be a song.

Why in gods name would you want to pick having sz/sza? or act like it? That i’m not sure of but people do
Same as the question of why do others try to get us to prove are sz/sza to them? this is a problem online as i had people try to set me off and act like laptop doctors.

Sorry thats more questions than answers

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You’re right, but I hope I’m not one of them.

Maybe… in pop culture, and therefore also in the minds of some, alongside stereotypes of violence etc., there exists also this romanticized image of suffering, especially mental suffering. This gives a certain charm to mental illness that might appeal to some.

And I think some people have some sort of saviour complex… some need to be needed. And we sz’s can need a lot at times. It may be very satisfying for some to be a needed person.

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i dunno i dunno i dunno…

I don’t like normies :smile:

*Runs around after @SoitGoes Going “Normies!” :smile: So are normies like zombies? Can we pewpew them? All in good humor I joke Do read that in a Russian accent for the full effect

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I don’t think I can :smile:

Has someone the ability pretending to be schizophrenic? I mean even if he or she has to take lifelong medicine…

Some of the meds we take or all of them if they was taken by a normie could give, or make them a bit loopy

form some of the papers i have got to read if someone did pretend to be sz they could end up with a form of it takes me back around to Why try to give yourself a mental ill?
Whats the end game? free drugs?
or just for the Look at me! being a lot of us have some issue in going to the store and not wanting to be in the limelight? in is self is loopy,
running around going i’m a Schizophrenic! could get you shot and that’s really bad…being how aka jumpy cops are now
Is just more crazy than i am.

Is that bad?

( speaking of myself, well I just want to catch my embodied American dream :read with Russian accent: and I’m out of this site. Sorry you’ll have to handle me until then. :furiously leaving in Spanish:)

Embodiment should have a nice muscular structure btw.

you saying or going :confused: :confused:
Yes i make jokes about my accent, if others cannot get my name right, i started using a English one, i can make jokes if i want

I like my Russian accent. :sunglasses:
Hopefully there will be some millionaire around that’s gonna like it too. :joy:

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I like mine too :smiley: Guess is got a bit of a American tone now after living here for a few years so guess i sound a mix of Russian, German and American lol, i pick up languages and accents so easy

Keep on rolling right into the arms of a millionaire! never know, i did once she was the cruelest person, well had cruel tastes is the nicely way of putting it! but im sure your one will be super nice :sunglasses:

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It goes along, I think. Powerty…and cruelty.
Oh well.
You’re a nice girl @Derpygirl :))

@Sarad Thanks! wow :wink: that’s made my day for sure, you’re a great girl too well more of a lady :wink:

your right, power does take people to places that i think with out they would never go, i was more of a pet to her, i was young and dumb, now im older and just derpy :smile:

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I diagnosed myself as SZ when I came to this site 5 or 6 months ago, but since then I found out I didn’t have it.

I love the people on this site, that’s why I keep coming. The people on Depersonalization sites are trolls.


I wasn’t talking about regular posters on this forum. I was mainly talking about people who post in here looking for advice on Sz types.

A lot of them seem, to my mind at least, to wish that on some level they had Sz themselves so they could better understand their loved one.

And this to me is just plain ‘whacked’! That’s what I was babbling about.

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I’ve even questioned myself and wondered if “I” really belong on this forum…

My mania was episodic. I’m ‘right as rain’ 95% of the time on my meds. But I suppose I just hang around to give some insight to others…crack bad jokes…and try to fill up my day with people who understand what I’ve gone through.