Our Biggest Regrets When We Get Older

. Not asking for help.
. Trying to make bad relationships work.
. Dwelling on your mistakes and shortcomings.
. Worrying too much about other people.

I have lots of regrets.


Not marrying sooner.

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Waiting so long to get proper psychiatric care

Though, it’s all working out now, so maybe it’s not a regret.


Waiting so long before getting treatment for anxiety and depression. And my biggest regret of all, a suicide attempt.


Not getting treatment sooner
Dwelling on past failures
Suicide attempts
Addiction to cope

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Destroying my marriage

Being born
Not committing suicide before twenty
Not loving myself
Who gives a ■■■■
Thinking someone besides my family could love me
Again who gives a ■■■■

If all the things I wanted to change in the past hadn’t happened I would be on a different path. That path may not have taken me to my wife and daughter, both of whom make everything that happened along the way worth it.

Overall, no regrets.


This song seems apropos:


Yeah. Walking out of psychiatric treatment because smoking weed was so good for my depression. It really wasn’t good for my developing schizophrenia as I found out years later.

And…family keeping quiet about two of my mothers Aunties having schizophrenia. It could have helped my first breakdown for sure.

I have no regrets. The past is unchangeable. Unfixable. Irredeemable. It’s pointless even thinking about it, unless you are learning something from it. I have no time to dwell on anything that I’ve done. The power is in the present moment. Grab it while you can and don’t look back. Hold your head up and move on.


Not talking to Ophelia.

Not getting help for social anxiety in High school… And drinking way too much in college

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