Organic causes of psychosis (Multiple sclerosis)

Based on the fact that organic disorders such as MS may sometimes appear with initial pure psychiatric symptoms without any neurological signs and symptoms, examinations for symptoms linked to CNS dysfunction, cognitive changes, atypical symptoms, detailed neurological examination, and limited response to conventional antipsychotic drugs are highly recommended to be carried out for patients with first-episode psychosis and even in the followup period.

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The essential characteristics of the hallucinations of sz condition is vary different about the hallucinogenic drug

They said
1-" he was brought to a psychiatric office being of Uncertain of hallucinogenic drug abuse"
2- and said " …which resulted in improvements in sensory and motor neuron involvement and socio-occupational behavior and Disappearance of hallucinations in 40 days "

It is understood that,there is no any scientific method able to prove the existence of the things called the hallucinations or the disappearance of them regard with the diagnosed sample !

The hallucinations,the only case in which the statement of a person diagnosed with cognitive deficiency,paranoia,delusions,antisocial behavior and the rest of sz’s symptoms are approved while all medical diagnoses,analyzes and measurements are neglected !!

Why you are trust in the testimony of the person in this issue and neglecting all his statements regarding with any symptoms of sz and insist to describes his sayings as a symptoms of mental illness or as an imaginations of things that does not exist in the actual world ?
The person’s nature (biology / psychology ) is a part from the actual world existence !