Ordered toilet paper & paper towels

I got an email that a new feature of my Walmart+ plan is free shipping. So I ordered some toilet paper and paper towels. I don’t have a car anymore to go to the store to buy things, so I order online and have them shipped.


I can’t have mine shipped because my neighbors steal my stuff. I used Shipt, where you know when your groceries are being delivered.

When Walmart delivers groceries, they give you a one hour timeframe. I think they are using Door Dash here. Walmart usually ships FedEx, and they let you know which day they are going to deliver on. I’m in a locked apartment building, and so far I haven’t had any packages stolen. But I usually stay at home on delivery day and don’t leave it sitting outside very long.

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Oh ok. My shoppers always text me when they’re leaving the store. I meet them at the door when they come. I’ve had so much stolen, including a break in while I was home, I’m just rightfully paranoid about not seeing it when it comes


Costco doesn’t have paper towels or toilet paper to ship right now in my area. Reminds me of early in the pandemic.

So I ordered Kleenex and coffee.

Close enough. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


They were sold out of a lot of the brands, but they had some though.

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me too at walmart. sad that that way


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