Ordered sarcosin

I finally ordered sarcosine, I just don’t know how to measure it off in grams.

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Yeah I’m thinking of ordering some myself.

Digital kitchen scale? They have small ones just don’t know the average price.

45$ at your local head shop…

Traditional means are probably available…

Mechanics be praised… Unfaleable

I read the email they sent me it said it comes with a small measuring scoop so I guess that solves the problem. I thought for sure I would have to learn how to use those scales weed dealers use. My parents had one to make sure they were getting what they were buying.

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I am going to order it for my son as soon as his doctor gives the OK. When I asked his doctor she said she is going to research it and get back to me. It’s worth a try in my opinion. I would hate for my son to have to live with these negative symptoms his whole life :worried: good luck to all who try it. I should probably try it too. You read all these things about this and that and it’s like you want to try everything…lol take care

my therapist said she researched it and talked to a doctor and the doctor said she has recommended it in the past.

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Scoop or half or 1/4 teaspoon is 1 gram I believe

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I just got my order from BrainVitaminz 2 days ago, and it came with a little scoop to measure your dose. I have only used it for the last couple of days, and I have noticed a positive change in symptoms. Most people probably think I am experiencing the placebo effect, but I am fairly sure I am not. I hope that it works well for all who try it, and it is definately worth a trial.

So like the email said half a scoop at am then another half scoop in the pm at first? I just don’t want to take too little or too much and totally blow my chances with this vitamin.

Use the scoop they send you.
If you want 1 gram per day then do half scoop am half scoop pm

If you want 2 grams per day. The 1 scoop am and 1 scoop pm

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thanks @levelJ1 I think i’m just nervous. overthinking too much

Did Sarcosine help you with negative symptoms at all @cbbrown? I was just wondering?

its mild on me… it just bends my brain a little in a gentle and good direction… i started with a half two times a day… now ill often take 2 scoops a day… it helps my bean :slight_smile:

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Sarcosine has a strong effect on me, maybe because I take Wellbutrin. I’m down to taking less than a gram a day and I still feel the good effects on my focus and initiative.

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yeah I’ve noticed a difference, I didn’t take it for like two weeks because of my broken ankle and I was in the hospital. its helped with a lot of the negative symptoms but i’m almost out so I have to order more. I’ve noticed when I don’t take it, I take a lot time to wake up and get out of bed and get motivated.

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Thank you very much for that bit of insight. I’m going to run the idea by my dr and start taking it. Thanks @cbbrown! I hope you feel better!