Options other than accept it or fight it?

Stigma that is. Are those the only two options? Just wondering. A similar issue arises, at what point do you tell new friends you make about it? At what point can I rest from trying to prove I’m not this or that when I clearly am not, never was, never will be. Why isn’t it “the hell with you if you think I’m this thing I"m not” instead of “let me prove you wrong” I mean? See me, not my illness. Maybe just don’t see me at all but then I’d be lonely I guess. desimb

I actually tell people I meet that I have schizophrenia, no problem at all. But then if I was ever on a date, I wouldn’t tell the girl until I properly knew her. That could take a few dates or it could take maybe months.

My best bet would be to date mentally ill folk anyway.

to put things in context is there not stigma every where, how some one looks, what they wear, how they act , which footaball code do they support.
it is as universal as the colour of the sky…in my limited opinion it is best not to tell anyone of your sz .
as i would not tell a whole lot of arsenal supporters ( football team in england ) that i support liverpool football club.
we all want to be accepted , but i am sure the person in the wheel chair who goes to the convenience store feels that way as he hits the first step and realizes there is no disability access…
take care


Let your current behavior be your label rather than try to live up to the one given to you when you weren’t quite feeling like yourself.

The best way to fight stigma is to lead a positive life and try your best to recover.

It saddens me reading some of the things people write on here about feeling stigmatised because I’m not one those people who are to shallow to see a person for who they are not what they have I’ve seen a lot of comments on here from some of you that show you are great people and deserve happiness with somebody i honestly hope you’s find the people that are out there who can see the real person rather then the misconception they are out there

There is stigma about everything. I’ve had people not like me for being:
a. Male
b. white and not white enough… (half Mexican)
c. homeless at one point
d. not rich
e. a drug/alcohol abuser at one point
f. non-religious… all the way to Zed for anything under the sun that sets me apart from the crowd at hand…

I’ve been actively collecting my stigmas like little stamps and putting them in a book to look at later and say “Oh yes, I remember that adventure”