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So after my abject failure at the last online iq test, I tried redeeming myself by taking a different one. I found it difficult to concentrate, more than I had in the past. I’m thinking maybe I am dumber than I was.

Then I finish the test, and it asks for my payment info before it will reveal my report. I pause for maybe two seconds, then browse away. I think I passed this test.


Well good on you for not paying.

Man I’d just challenge the more obvious areas where you lack focus or cognition. It takes some muscling through, but even just 5 minutes of not giving up can have pretty solid results over time.

and IQ is a sham… I think intelligence is to diversified for a quotient or average to make legitimate placement possible.

Don’t measure your illness by it’s label, measure your illness by your symptoms. Don’t measure your intelligence by IQ, measure it by your capacities… work at the ones you’re most disappointed in.

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Some ok free tests though not geared to those with low non-verbal intelligence


I’ll see what I can do about that. I think I have trouble recognizing patterns lately. I don’t think this has been a problem for me before, but just noticed it when I started taking these tests recently.

I’ve just struggled a bit with my esteem of my mental abilities, since people have been calling me retarded since I was a little kid. And now my mental abilities seem to truly decline these past few years.

I’ve always been more of a mind to emphasize what I do well, which is mostly composition, but that doesn’t translate too well into iq tests unless they also measure vocabulary.

You’re right though about worrying over IQ score.

IQ is a measure of your g-factor and the tests also measure more specific abilities like visual reasoning, verbal reasoning, processing speed, etc. It was never supposed to be a comprehensive measure of everything related to intelligence. But don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater. IQ is a very relevant measure for academic aptitude, and predicts many relevant outcomes, like grades, later job performance and salary, quite reliably.

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If someone is feeling a negative pressure on themselves due to the test I say throw it out, at least in a personal sense.

If it works for someone else, I wouldn’t take that from them.

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Don’t focus too much on your weaknesses, I agree. But don’t ignore them and fool yourself into thinking it’s all a sham, either. Being aware of your weaknesses isn’t a bad thing. Thinking your weaknesses define you is.

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I’m the epitome of the classic Right said Fred song about IQ - “I’m too spiky”

" I’m too spiky for this test,too spiky" :wink:


I actually score really well on IQ tests, which is bizarre given my condition. I score about top 1.5-2% of people. Maybe it’s the only thing that’s kept me sane-ish.

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